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  • An open letter to the airline industry

    Tags: Airlines, Airports

    This could be a rant, but there are so many of them online. I’m hoping this will be a constructive open letter to the airports, airlines, and manufacturers. If you would like to add something … more

  • Final Verdict: Harry’s Razor

    My initial plan was to post this at the end of January after using the initial 3 razors that come with the set. However, I decided I liked the shave I was getting and bought more razors. I decided to … more

  • 5 Questions With Atley Hunter

    Tags: 5 Questions With

    This month, we talk with Atley Hunter. You have heard him on shows such as .NET Rocks and The Tablet Show. You may have heard him speak at Philly Code Camp. He is one of the most prolific Windows app … more