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  • 5 Questions With Kevin Griffin

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    Happy Thanksgiving! Or at least we are close to it in America. This month, I was able to connect with Kevin Griffin. In addition to what he has shared below, you can always find him on twitter @1 … more

  • What I learned in October 2014

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    As many of you may have noticed, I missed my 5 questions with post for October. I learned to schedule the conversations earlier. I waited until about a week before I would normally post and then … more

  • My Second Week With Harry's Razor

    I just finished my second week with my Harry's razor. You can check out my first week's experience at My Harry's Razor Experience. Let's start by jumping back to Saturday, October 25. On Saturdays, I … more

  • My Harry's Razor Experience

    I have been hearing Harry's razors mentioned often on two on-demand radio shows I listen to. I checked out their website to see what they offered, their cost, etc. After looking over the site, I … more

  • What I learned in September 2014

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    I did not get a chance to post what I learned in August. It seems like I am on an every other month pattern with this topic.

    What is life all about, anyway? Why am I alive . . . and what am I really … more