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  • My Harry's Razor Experience

    I have been hearing Harry's razors mentioned often on two on-demand radio shows I listen to. I checked out their website to see what they offered, their cost, etc. After looking over the site, I … more

  • What I learned in September 2014

    Tags: Learned

    I did not get a chance to post what I learned in August. It seems like I am on an every other month pattern with this topic.

    What is life all about, anyway? Why am I alive . . . and what am I really … more

  • 5 Questions With Richard Campbell

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    Happy September everyone! Time for another installment of 5 Questions With. This month Richard Campbell shares with us. You can find Richard on the podcasts .NET Rocks, and RunAs Radio. He speaks … more

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Tags: ALS, Ice Bucket Challenge

    Here is my video on me doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  In addition to doing the challenge, I am also donating to ALS.  I challenge Rich Ross, Chris Gomez, and Brady Gaster. ~TonyVerJr more

  • 5 Questions With Dave Voyles

    Tags: 5 Questions With

    Welcome to the August edition. This month we are talking with Dave Voyles. He is a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft in the Philadelphia area. As you will find out he is a passionate person and … more